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i’ve been waiting, i’ve been holdin’ out

xx You know what’s fun? When you have the guts to take two hairs–hairs that have graciously had modify permissions granted to them–and the patience to play with different ways of combining those two hairs. See, I’ve had these two hair styles that I really like sitting in my inventory for a while, but I wasn’t sure how or when to wear them. One hairstyle was “Amelia” from, and the other was “Again” from [elikatira]. Both are gorgeous hairs. Yet something about both hairs, probably due to the shape of my avatar’s face, bugged me. So finally, the other day, while I was bored and doing absolutely nothing because absolutely nothing seemed to be going on, I felt inspired to drop several of my short hairstyles on a rezplat in some random sandbox and see what I could do to make the Amelia hairstyle more, well, likeable to wear for me.

xx At first I tried combining another hair from (due to the same hair colors not needing to be recolored to try to match), but no amount of fussing I had the patience to do could get me to feel pleased by the haphazard result of my prim-moving  / copying / removing / whatever. But then I thought…I really like the bangs from [e]’s Again. So why not?

xx I did it. I removed the bangs from Amelia and stole away the bangs, as well as several hair strands framing the face, from Again and stuck the two then-incomplete hairpiece clusters together to create a now-complete hairdo. With a bit of recoloring on Again‘s part, I daresay the end result is quite likeable. In fact, I really like it, and it’s not even drastically different from the original product.

xx Anyway, story time is over. Don’t hurt me for rambling!










❀ (modded) hair
: fri. – Amelia {L$250} @ + [e] Again {L$220 for certain browns, blondes, etc; L$250 for essentials collection} @ [elikatira]

❀ shirt: NANUK viggo v-neck salmon {L$50 during 50L Friday (though it’s still up, but probably not for long)} @ NANUK

❀ pants: ** Tyra Jeans Cover My Furry Butt Edition {L$200 now :C the hunt has been long over} @ Luck Inc.


( already blogged: skin, glasses, & shoes )


gunboat by vixtrola
if you think you have the slightest chance of swallowing me
you should have your doubts


P.S. In case I forget, Akira, I really like the new layout! Simple but nice! o/


Drop the gun and follow my voice.

^ Really shit edit, sorry. (Full Res @ Flickr)

I’ve been uninspired, uninterested and well not in the mood. I guess i been a sour bitch the past few days, a bit of rl drama. It was my birthday yesterday so im going Ice Skating today with rl friends and i promise ill get peekchas and post one or two on Flickr. Yeah probably.

So anyway, im sorry iv been such a shit blogger. ;(

What i’m wearing:

Hair: fri. – Rashelle/L$250/

Top: *Linc* Cashmere Top Shortsleeves Purple Taupe/L$150/Linc

Pants: *Linc* Leatherpant Low Cut Plain/L$200/Linc

Belt: .:Hermony:. Rock`n Rolla Belt (black)/L$199/Hermony Marketplace

What i’m listening to: EatMeWhileImHot! – Mother May I


Pushed back to square.

{Full Res @ Flickr}

The picture is a little differant today, thought id try out different styles of blogging, since i like to experiment :D

More info on what we’re wearing:


Hair: >TRUTH< Astrid/L$250/Truth Hair {New}

Dress: -paper.doll- Olivia: Pond/L$225/paper.doll

Socks: Not available anymore :(/Kyoot

Heels: fri. – Dream.Booties (Black)/L$200/



Hair:  Kletva – Joss/Kletva

Skin: Iren – Babara/Iren

Top: Vive 9 – Fleu Floral Blouse – cream/Vive9

Skirt:  Yozoh – Blossom band long skirt/Yozoh Marketplace

Heels: Ys & Ys – Ibiza Roses/Ys&Ys

Currently Listening to: Pink Maggit – Deftones



So I know this outfit probably looks a bit tacky to some of ya, or maybe even a lot of ya, or possibly a lot less of ya than I’m thinkin’, but something about it charmed me as I was going through my inventory and I needed to make another post for Miss Akira anyway, so I thought why not? I kind of like it. :>. But anyway, maybe you like the shirt or maybe you like the pants, or maybe y’like both of ’em, so I’m just gonna get to the details y’people look at blogs like this for. 8D. I’ve posted the hair before, but it’s been a while so whooo~

❀ Hair: Deena – Browns {L$250}
➩ from

❀ Shirt & Scarf: Dot neckerchief and Pink shirts {L$1 for the J sim ichigo hunt}
➩ from Mr. Poet

Pants: DearTee –  Mix & Match Hunt {FREE! Part of the Mix & Match Hunt}
➩ from Poised

Shoes: L Kucks – cream pink {L$25 from the gatchas :>}
➩ from Larnia Kids

HOUSE: so idk if you people know about Modest House or not, but you should. Go HERE and do yourself a favor by subscribing and gettin’ yourself a real cute group gift. :>. Unfortunately the skyboxhousething I’m in isn’t the current gift, but fortunately the current gift is a super cute decorated table that I’m too lazy to take pictures of  BUT THE POINT IS, AWESOME FREEBIES ARE AWESOME. GOGOGO.

hey pretty lady with the high heels on ♪

…wait, high heels? This gal ain’t wearin’ high heels, she’s wearin’ boots! … OH WELL, DOESN’T STOP ME FROM SINGING MICHAEL JACKSON SONGS. Aaanyway… Because Miss Rina doesn’t wanna get drop kicked, she thought she would post again for Miss Akira-Without-Interwebs. :>. Also, I apologize about the stockings… I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH AHHHH even though I don’t know where they can be obtained anymore ;____;.

❀ Hair: .ploom. Browns 1 – Vin {L$200}
➩ from ploom

❀ Glasses: -NALA-*Gabriella* {L$300}
➩ from -NALA-

❀ Shirt: fri. – Ruched Button.Down (Teal) {L$80  during sale until the 17th!}
➩ from

❀ Shorts: fri. – Denim Shorts (Black Wash) {L$45 during sale until the 17th!}
➩ from

❀ Boots: Kboots- black {L$450}
➩ from Treads

LOTD – 14/04/’11

This is me when im not all dressed up, it’s nothing special but i think its rather cute ^^

What i’m wearing:

Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Tan – Winter B1/L$1000/Illusory

Hair:  [e] Paper/L$250/elikatira

Top: fri. – Ruched Button.Down (White)/L$80 {Sale Till the 17th}/

Pants:  -SU!- Rea Jeans Black/L$180/Suicidal Unborn

Mouthie: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Mouthchain :: What’s up, DOC ? ::/Hunt of Easter/LOULOU&CO

Piercings: [.Thump] – Rosie Piercing/L$75/.Thump Mainstore

Currently listening to: Change – Deftones