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hey pretty lady with the high heels on ♪

…wait, high heels? This gal ain’t wearin’ high heels, she’s wearin’ boots! … OH WELL, DOESN’T STOP ME FROM SINGING MICHAEL JACKSON SONGS. Aaanyway… Because Miss Rina doesn’t wanna get drop kicked, she thought she would post again for Miss Akira-Without-Interwebs. :>. Also, I apologize about the stockings… I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH AHHHH even though I don’t know where they can be obtained anymore ;____;.

❀ Hair: .ploom. Browns 1 – Vin {L$200}
➩ from ploom

❀ Glasses: -NALA-*Gabriella* {L$300}
➩ from -NALA-

❀ Shirt: fri. – Ruched Button.Down (Teal) {L$80  during sale until the 17th!}
➩ from

❀ Shorts: fri. – Denim Shorts (Black Wash) {L$45 during sale until the 17th!}
➩ from

❀ Boots: Kboots- black {L$450}
➩ from Treads


boom cars and more kyoot

…wait, what? Boom Cars? Heck yeahhhh.
But wait, what’s this! A new post, SO SOON? Welllll. Miss Akira and Shirina had a mini shopping spree yesterday, so yes. :>… Skin & hair have been blogged already (…and in one post below), so I’ll leave them out. 8D


❀ –  -Femme- Drape Vest *Gray* {L$280}
– – ➩ from [pivaaca]


❀ – Knitted Tunic Mini Dress (Gray) {L$50 until April 10th! Hurry, hurry!}
– – – ➩ from Kyoot


❀ – Suede Fringe Boots / ash {L$300}
– – ➩ from KAO {marketplace / in-world store}

If any of my viewers love band tshirts/screamo/punk and emo music you’ll love this store that im reviewing in this post. Deadly Poetic, Run by Darrel Parx. A good friend of mine. This store has been around for ages and is well known between the big “hipster kid” group found in your average dark corner.

If you’ve never been there, i suggest you go and check it out, theres a huge range to choose from, including a few tattoos and cute accessories :P (:

Teleport to: Deadly Poetic