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This blog is going to become inactive but i’ve opened up a new one! we have our own address now and more space, and i am coming back to SL finally

new blog;  The Little Lily

Feel free to go over there and subscribe for updates!


Wow, Fantastic Baby!

Remember me?

– So I received a few items from a very lovely store a few days ago called “DROPS ::.” The owned was nice enough to send me some review copies of some of the items! So here it is~

[Sorry for the picture quality, I did them in paint, will be downloading photoshop later on]
18-09-12 2
Hair ~ Magika [01] After / L$250

Skin ~ [AUX] Love Skin_Medium – Timeless (C88 Sept.2012) / L$188

Cardigan ~ DROPS::. Mesh Ash Butterfly Off Shoulder Cardigan / L$195

Pants ~ DROPS::. Mesh FU Hipster Jogging Pants / L$195


More soon ~Akira

I’m Coming Home.

I (Akira) Would like announce the reopening of this blog and my whereabouts verified for anyone who has wanted to know.

I had completely lost interest due to the fact that it became like a job to me, logging in and blogging everyday, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I used to.

But it’s kay guys, I’m back and I will start posting again!

I would like to formally apologise to Acide, I’m sorry I didn’t get to blog the skin pack and ears that you sent me because I wasn’t online to see it had been sent and pretty much been MIA to everyone. 

I will be revamping this blog and possibly moving it to a different address (I’m not too sure yet). If so I will post a link and for any followers to please come follow the new one ^_^

Again, I’m sorry guys but I am back! Time to have fun again!



Sleeping With Sirens – If You Can’t Hang

Give Me Everything Tonight

Give Me Everything Tonight

Excuse my absence and poor blog posts, for i have been sick, pissed off and afk most of this week :D {Other games call me}


Here you go.

What i’m wearing:

Hair ~ [e] Quirky/Elikatira {New}

Body Suit ~ Kyoot – Idolatry Top & Bodysuit (White)/Kyoot @ Festival of Sin

Heels ~ -SU!- Leo Pumps/Suicidal Unborn {New}

What i’m listening to: Pitbull – Give Me Everything


For all we know, we might not get tommorow.

I would like to thank the owner of Fierce Designs for dropping these on me Q_q I might be inlove!


For all we know, we might not get tommorow.

 What i’m Wearing:

Hair ~ fri. – Carrie/

Dress {Whole outfit: Dress, heels & back key} ~ Fierce**Puppet Doll costume – black/Fierce Designs

What I’m Listening to ~ Pitbull – Give Me Everythingft Ne-yo & Nayer


I would walk through fire, just to be with you.

Now, if you don’t want a big sob fest, stop reading this post right now.
Now, i haven’t really had a good day at all. It’s only 10:55 am and i already feel like sitting in a corner, curled up in and little ball.
My cat’s being put down today.. We’ve had her for 6 years now. She’s so beautiful Q_Q
For the past few months, she’s been sneezing and everything and we haven’t been able to take her to the vet.  And when we could, they gave her medicine and pretty much said if she doesnt recover, they will have to put her down. But she’s only gotten worse, to the point of not eating at all, all she does is sleep and she won’t let anyone pick her up.
I mean seriously? can i kill myself now..?
But anyway, she’s pretty much gone now :l
Q___Q Someone kill me.

  R.I.P My Tweety :( Q_Q

Kiss me ’til you’re drunk, And I’ll Show you.

Fishy Strawberry is participating in the Crush On You Event held on the Malt Sim :3

Ugh, i saw these and flipped they’re so cute D:

This is just a preview, the Landmark will be included in a post on the 10th.


Make this dream, the best i’ve ever known.

So anybody that i love, knows that i can only handle so much before i snap, and can only tolerate so much bullshit that i go over the edge into a thing i call rage mode, it’s a mixture between excitement and anger, ofc the excitement is knowing that i’m going to hit a bitch.

Just saying..

So I’ve been a busy bee with my lady the past few hours and came up with some cute earrings, ofc she did most the work {Ty Azalia, go check out her store, she owns Phresh!} and i did the picture.

Here it is!

These earrings will be avail in the Juicy Crush on You Event held in the Malt sim on the 10th to the 18th, more info will be in a post closer in the date. :)

My look of the day! It’s pretty simlple but i think it’s super cute.

 What i’m Currently Wearing:

Hair ~ [e] Other/Elikatira

Bra ~ Kyoot – Little Ache Lingerie (Pink)/Kyoot

Top ~ *BOOM* Wrong Size Cardi white/*Boom*

Skirt ~ .:Sticky fingers:. My vintage pink high waist skirt/Sticky Fingers

Heels ~ Blogged so many times before.

Currently Listening to: Jessie J – Domino


Good Feeling

 So i’ve come to the conclusion that guys are assholes.

If a guy expects you to be something that you’re not. Then they’re not worth the time or effort.


So there’s been this guy that i’ve pretty much been inlove with for the past 2 years, i was with him for a month last year till a few things happened which stopped us from being with eachother, he pretty much was and still is my world :l

He has a girlfriend now, who hates me and has stopped us from talking to eachother, we’ve kind of had /that/ kind of friendship and relationship where can tell eachother anything and it will be whatever.

Now, he’s planning on breaking up with this girl because she’s a major bitch and is suicidal and shit, but it’s meh.

I’m a mess and need someone to talk to.. so this post was pointless and i just wanted to tell someone what’s going on..


Akira. <3


What i’m Listening to: Flo Rida – Good Feeling

I’ll be there just to watch you fall.


 And so the depression kicks in. Yup.

So, i went on the Zombie Popcorn hunt, and you know me. I go to the stores i know and like q_q Sorry other stores participating in the hunt :c

What I’m Wearing ~

Hair ~ [e] Rush/Elikatira

Dress ~ [ SAKIDE ] Heart Keeper Dress/Sakide – Zombie Popcorn. {Actually comes with a skeletal spine that wraps around the waist, ribs, the lot. But i didn’t like them :c}

Pasties ~ .:Sticky fingers:. My black heart nipple pasties / Sticky Fingers

What I’m Listening To ~ Girls’ Generation – The Boys

– akira