Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;


So I know this outfit probably looks a bit tacky to some of ya, or maybe even a lot of ya, or possibly a lot less of ya than I’m thinkin’, but something about it charmed me as I was going through my inventory and I needed to make another post for Miss Akira anyway, so I thought why not? I kind of like it. :>. But anyway, maybe you like the shirt or maybe you like the pants, or maybe y’like both of ’em, so I’m just gonna get to the details y’people look at blogs like this for. 8D. I’ve posted the hair before, but it’s been a while so whooo~

❀ Hair: Deena – Browns {L$250}
➩ from

❀ Shirt & Scarf: Dot neckerchief and Pink shirts {L$1 for the J sim ichigo hunt}
➩ from Mr. Poet

Pants: DearTee –  Mix & Match Hunt {FREE! Part of the Mix & Match Hunt}
➩ from Poised

Shoes: L Kucks – cream pink {L$25 from the gatchas :>}
➩ from Larnia Kids

HOUSE: so idk if you people know about Modest House or not, but you should. Go HERE and do yourself a favor by subscribing and gettin’ yourself a real cute group gift. :>. Unfortunately the skyboxhousething I’m in isn’t the current gift, but fortunately the current gift is a super cute decorated table that I’m too lazy to take pictures of  BUT THE POINT IS, AWESOME FREEBIES ARE AWESOME. GOGOGO.


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