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hey, look, there’s a butt

Shiri ♥ Immy
(that’s what the bracelet says, yo)

UH, WELL, HEY GUYS, I HOPE Y’ALL ARE DOING WELL AND ARE BEHAVING AND ALL THAT JAZZ and I also hope that you LOVE THE EARTH because if you do, you need to stop by the store Bleh!

Old news? Maybe. …maybe not. But there’s a lot of free (several band-oriented) tees there, and they’re pretty good lookin’. Even if you don’t know a lot of bands or aren’t a HEYIKNOWTHATBAND freakaholic or whatchamacallit, I’ll bet you’ll see a shirt or two that you’ll want to snag cos, well, there’s some cute and funny and cool lookin’ swag up in that there store.

…. I have no idea if I said that right, but we’re going to pretend I did and continue along the post quietly… …. Don’t you make those eyes at me, little missy/mister!  DON’T YOU DO IT. BECAUSE THERE’S NO WAY YOU KNOW THAT I’M LISTENING TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC (even though I am).


So, uh, yeah, how ’bout a little somethin’ plain and simple? I hope that’s okay, cos, well…I mean…here it is. Also, I’d like for you all to note that the bracelet from [Avoid] has text-changing blocks! SO WOOOOH. Tell the world who you love with one o’ them bracelets!

Hair: Makenzie –  browns {L$250} @ >TRUTH<

T-shirt: Bleh Tees- I <3 Earth {free!} @ Bleh

Shorts: Combat Shorts -Grey- Female Fit {L$345} @ League

Shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. Sneakers / MultiChange / GROUPGIFT @ [ JP ]

Bracelet: Box Bracelet {L$150} @ [Avoid]


Hey baby, looks like you were wrong.

I apologize for my fail job as a blogger, i just needed a bit of time to recollect myself, alot has happened in the past 2 weeks but trust me, i haven’t forgotten any of you guys! I’ve actually been thinking of things i can blog, while i was away, so (:

What i’m wearing:

Skin: [:Where is…HunT:] al vulo-elena huntress sunkissed/Hunt/N/A

Hair: >TRUTH< Cecilia/L$250/Truth Hair {New}

Dress: ::Rush:: – Summer Dress/L$0/Rush

Heels: **DECO – Bloom Heels (Licorice)**/EX Fifty Linden Friday Item/Deco

Accesories:        Horns, Ears & Tail: [-B-] :Becoming The Bull/L$1/Buried  {New}

Chained Wings: *BOOM* Aranel’s Wings -white/L$250/*BOOM*

What i’m listening to: Hey Baby, Heres That Song You Wanted – Blessthefall