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Its probably just the things i do, that makes me vital for you.

(Full Res @ Flickr)

Boredom.. Oh and i was meant to post this lastnight. I decided to make a cute little picture for my next post so here it is. i wouldnt call it well made or complete fail but meh. I Really want to make my pictures like this for every post i do, but i normally don’t have the time. So this may be a one off.

What i’m wearing:

Dress: -paper.doll- Aria: Petal/L$75/paper.doll {Project Themeory}

Tights: ! haut.monde – Kissable Tights – Red/L$75/Haut Monde {Project Themeory}

What i’m listening to: Breaking Point – Crown The Empire



Pushed back to square.

{Full Res @ Flickr}

The picture is a little differant today, thought id try out different styles of blogging, since i like to experiment :D

More info on what we’re wearing:


Hair: >TRUTH< Astrid/L$250/Truth Hair {New}

Dress: -paper.doll- Olivia: Pond/L$225/paper.doll

Socks: Not available anymore :(/Kyoot

Heels: fri. – Dream.Booties (Black)/L$200/



Hair:  Kletva – Joss/Kletva

Skin: Iren – Babara/Iren

Top: Vive 9 – Fleu Floral Blouse – cream/Vive9

Skirt:  Yozoh – Blossom band long skirt/Yozoh Marketplace

Heels: Ys & Ys – Ibiza Roses/Ys&Ys

Currently Listening to: Pink Maggit – Deftones


I know i can’t take one more step, towards you. | 100th post, WOOOHHHH \O/

{Full Res @ Flickr}

Amg, another post so fast? Yep yep :} I’m kinda bored.. and thanks to Aza i was able to get this dress, ty ty ty ty ty ty *tackle hugs* :} – Congrats all muh zombie bloggers, this is our 100th post c:

Small Rant, ignore: You know what i’m sick of? When people/shop owners put in their profile “I love giving out review copies! Message me or “…” for some.” and when you do, they either dont reply or havent received your notecard or to be told this person doesn’t like you for doing this and this and this {When you have never met them, ever.}, or your photos arent up to their standards. What you want me to pull a perfectly taken picture out my ass? I’m sorry you dont appreciate a free chance to advertise when it comes along.. {Damn you secondlife, and damn you false hope Q_Q} I mean, im probably gonna have alot of shop owners dislike me after this but, its just annoying. It’s like giving a child candy and then taking it away once they’re all happy and bouncy about it. If your not going to do what you have said in your profile, don’t put it in. Period.I really do love content creators because they’re talented, but sheesh. Some can be stuck up whores {Even when your being nice to them} i’m just saying.

What i’m wearing:

Hair: [Anaphora]_Ana/L$240/Anaphora {Darker blonde than usual, but its like the lightest they had D:<}

Dress: -paper.doll- Hailey: Black/L$225/paper.doll

Heels: Maitreya Gold * Moxie Coal/L$1,175/Maitreya

Bag: -[AddiCt]-Day Tripper Bag-Peace {Comes in tons more colors}/L$200/AddiCt

Currently listening to: Jar Of Hearts – Christina Perri


Shorties Unite!

{High Res @ Flickr}


Yes, earlier today i met 8 of the most aweome people left in Second Life.

I was looking for someone to pose with me for an AD, so i dropped a message in the Project Themeory group; Naughty of me i know, but hey i was flooded with IM’s from people who were willing to help. So after i rejected a few {Sorry guiz} i figured, why not teleport everyone who volunteered to compare heights.

It started with Lozlo then Mystic and EVERYONE ELSE, i dont quite remember the order cept the first two cause it was just like, BAM EVERYONES HERE.
So after the whole group had this big conversation about amazon avs and abnormally tanned macho men and just avatars in general, i thought HEY  why don’t i made a blog post with everyone in it?! and everyone agreed to it :D \o/

{This is a super random story about how i met these lovely ladies, but HEY you must’ve laughed just a little bit.. and if you havent >:0 omai you’re a sour bitch > jk! not really}

So.. yeash i made 8 new friends :> Iluhyews. kthx.

What everyone is wearing:


Skin: LAQ ~ Vilda 10 [Milky] Glow skin

Hair: TRUTH Anya – Caramel

Top: [W&B] Cole Boatneck Top – TOBACCO

Skirt: TART  low rise Jean skirt- True Blue

Shoes: *Kookie* Armarda boots [Dark Choc]

Jewelry: miel – FRIENDO bracelet
miel – FRIENDO necklace



Hair:  Truth Annie
Skin:  LAQ Tasha 2 Milky
Bracelets:  *Vendetta* Black Punk Bracelet
Earrings: JCNY-Modea
Necklace:  ..::Divine::.. Ying Yang Chain
Tank:  **Mischief** Sport Tank
Hoody:  Wrong – Checkerboard Hoodie
Skirt:  Urbanity Ruffled birdy/plain
Shoes:  Felicia’s Fashions



Shorts: Tab Top Linen Shorts (Porcelain) – Drinkinstein Sorbet for The Sea Hole (On sale now for 50L along with lots of other things!)
Bra: Alice Black Bra – camilla Yosuke for Insolence
Top: Herangsa (cream) – Morphine Janick for  Sweetest Goodbye
Bracelet (L): Friendo Bracelet – Miel Nirvana for Miel (comes with a HUD so you can change it!)
* Bracelet (R): Leather Bracelet Rings – XOPH Adamczyki for Legit
Fishnets: Fishnet tights (black – rip) – Annyka Bekkers for Blowpop
Stockings: leggings socks type boder grad – miraiwave iwish for AWRAM-VIIE
Boots: Combat LOL  – Filthy Adored for Bottle Bird
Tattoo (belly): AITUI TATTOO – Zodiac – ASF Taurus I – boy of crows (Jesseaitui Petion) for Aitui
Tattoo (face): AITUI Tattoo Stars 02 Face Tat – female fit – boy of crows (Jesseaitui Petion) for Aitui
Hair & Hairbase: Grappa Pieva (Red) – Gia Pawpad for LoQ
Lashes: Clean thick 04 – anemysk karu for [ glow ]
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes (Deep blue) – Ikon Innovia for FASHISM
Skin: Emma (fair, 06 Slate – copper brows – freckles) – Tuli Asturias for Tuli
Shape: Bodyshape 1 (Avie) – Emilia Redgrave for REDGRAVE (modified by me)



everything has been blogged in this blog already



Skin: Apple May Design – Teegan – Paper Doll (Gothly)
Hair: Maitreya – Lara –  Peroxide Blonde
Parted Lips: Tuli  – Parted Lips 1
Piercing: IPoke – Illuminati
Top: medley V Neck – White
Panties: Sourires
Necklace: Pepper – Dolphin Necklace
Boots: Deco – Vincent Boots Pink
Helmet: Deco – Skull Bowl – war Kisses



Skin Al Vulo Elena
Hair Action Trudy
Freckles Tres Blah
Dress SU! More Brains Tank Dress
Stockings *Epic* Fishnet Leggings
Socks: Doppelganger Knocked up Knee Socks
Snatch Wrist Warmer in Pink Leather
Boots Coco Engineer Boots
Tattoo: Glue Ink NO Regrets tattoo and Lil Bird tattoo
OW FLick Nails Short
:Dekucuiys: Dague ( Mouth attatchment)
Fishy Strawberry College Glasses



Sorry it’s been an extremely long post, but more the merrier right?! :D

Skin: -Glam Affair – Nina V-Day  -/No longer available

Hair: >TRUTH< Marcelle/L$250/Truth

Dress: {paper.doll} Jordyn-Tinsel/L$225/paper.doll

Shoes: N-core Ankle/Group Gift/N-core

Tattoos: [FD] Music is Life Tattoo/L$210/[FD]

Accesories: [Piercings] – Cobrahive – Gauged 03/L$119/Cobrahive [Beanie Thing] – .::M*G*S::. Hood muffler Gray/L$10/M.G.S

Currently Listening to: CONFIDE – The View From My Eyes