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Take me from here.

I know, i know. I make promises to blog more and don’t follow up on them. But heres a post! So suck on that >.>
If i haven’t told you already I’ve been stuck in a game called League of Legends. It’s amazing, i love it :3 If you also play LoL, my name is SNImmy add me :D :)

Take me from here.

Full Res @ Flickr

Salt & Pepper has a new group gift out. It’s the red tattoo in the picture. Face included.

What i’m wearing:

Skin – [Ill] Illusory – Skin_Paige – Bite Me/L$88/Illusory @ Collarbor88
Tattoo – S (and) P – Help Please! Tattoo/Group Gift/ Salt and Pepper
Hair – [e] Fight/L$88/Elikatira @ Collabor88

I’ll try and get around to posting in the next few days, if i don’t forgive me.

. . . Abandon All Ships – Megawacko 2.1



i’ve been waiting, i’ve been holdin’ out

xx You know what’s fun? When you have the guts to take two hairs–hairs that have graciously had modify permissions granted to them–and the patience to play with different ways of combining those two hairs. See, I’ve had these two hair styles that I really like sitting in my inventory for a while, but I wasn’t sure how or when to wear them. One hairstyle was “Amelia” from, and the other was “Again” from [elikatira]. Both are gorgeous hairs. Yet something about both hairs, probably due to the shape of my avatar’s face, bugged me. So finally, the other day, while I was bored and doing absolutely nothing because absolutely nothing seemed to be going on, I felt inspired to drop several of my short hairstyles on a rezplat in some random sandbox and see what I could do to make the Amelia hairstyle more, well, likeable to wear for me.

xx At first I tried combining another hair from (due to the same hair colors not needing to be recolored to try to match), but no amount of fussing I had the patience to do could get me to feel pleased by the haphazard result of my prim-moving  / copying / removing / whatever. But then I thought…I really like the bangs from [e]’s Again. So why not?

xx I did it. I removed the bangs from Amelia and stole away the bangs, as well as several hair strands framing the face, from Again and stuck the two then-incomplete hairpiece clusters together to create a now-complete hairdo. With a bit of recoloring on Again‘s part, I daresay the end result is quite likeable. In fact, I really like it, and it’s not even drastically different from the original product.

xx Anyway, story time is over. Don’t hurt me for rambling!










❀ (modded) hair
: fri. – Amelia {L$250} @ + [e] Again {L$220 for certain browns, blondes, etc; L$250 for essentials collection} @ [elikatira]

❀ shirt: NANUK viggo v-neck salmon {L$50 during 50L Friday (though it’s still up, but probably not for long)} @ NANUK

❀ pants: ** Tyra Jeans Cover My Furry Butt Edition {L$200 now :C the hunt has been long over} @ Luck Inc.


( already blogged: skin, glasses, & shoes )


gunboat by vixtrola
if you think you have the slightest chance of swallowing me
you should have your doubts


P.S. In case I forget, Akira, I really like the new layout! Simple but nice! o/

I Won’t Back Down

(Full Res @ Flickr)

I’ve been a horrible blogger this past week but hey, iv been uninspired, and havent felt like doing anything but playing games on steam | <3 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch <3<3<3<3<3

It’s my birthday in 4 days :o So yeahhhhhhhhh. Me and a few friends are going Ice Skating, then we’re gonna come

home and watch movies C: So excited =^.^=


What i’m wearing:

Hair: [e] Falling/L$50 {Fifty Linden Friday}/Elikatira

Dress: Grixdale -Letters Home – Halter Dress – Coma/L$75 {Independence Day Sale – July 4th – July 15th – More info here}/Grixdale

Legs: Hell i dont even remember & CBF XD

What i’m listening to: Won’t Back Down – Eminem ft. Pink


They keep me thinking, we almost had it all.

I’m abit late with this post, but whatever. :P Hope you like it.

If you don’t know already, theres a store called Imbue, which you should know but yeah. XD

The owner passed me the dress and the cardi, so i could show all of you fab girls, and i love them c:

What i’m wearing:

Hair: [e] – Rush/L$250/Elikatira

Cardi: ~ imbue. Wool Cardi Grey/L$180/Imbue

Dress: ~ imbue. military dress/L$70/The Fashion Garret  {Imbue}

Heels: Mstyle RIVEA Pumps – Pink Flowers/L$375/Mstyle

{Full Res @ Flickr}

What i’m wearing: Rolling in The Deep – Adele


A day without you is like a year without rain.

I would like to make this clear, yes i said i would be blogging everyday, but since i am a day ahead and normally when its late in Second Life it’s early where i am, and right now its 3:30pm here so… yeah (:. So before i get into spamming you peoples with posts tonight, this will be my cute little outfit :P I think it’s adorable c:

What i’m wearing:

Hair: [e] Vivid/L$250/Elikatira

Romper: -paper.doll- TFG: SummerRomper/L$70/The Fashin Garret {paper.doll}

Flats: [e] Millside Flats/L$90/Elikatira

{Full Res @ Flickr}

What i’m listening to: A Year Without Rain – Selena Gomez & The Scene {Yes, shut up i actually like this song >:o}


I was all for you, you fell over my love, I just can’t afford it this time.

{Full Res @ Flickr}

*Sobs* Leila is going to ditch me during the week for the next 6 weeks ;( Damnit woman, we just met and you’re already leaving me *glares* I’ll miss ya, damnit.

So anyway, on with the post. So after a day of waiting for the Kyoot Fifty Linden Friday item to come out, it finally did! Along with a gift (: Which is located at the Mainstore, next to the fifty linden item here.

What we’re wearing:


Undershirt: [ATOMIC] Sheer Comfor – Pure White /ATOMIC {May or may not be there}

Pants: Faded – Blue/L$125/Ducknipple

Undies: *Linc* Cutieh Undie Stripes/L$110/Luck Inc

Shirt: Kyoot – Last Thread Tank – Spring/L$50/Kyoot {50L Item, due to it being late it will be out all week <3}

Hair: [e] – Again/L$5o {Last Fifty Linden Friday item, no longer available at this price}/Elikatira

Skin: Suntan -Taylor/L$1195/League

Glasses: -NALA-*Gabriella*/L$300/-NALA-

Boots: Suede Fringe Boots – ash/L$300/KAO



Top & Socks: Kyoot – Last Thread Tank & Socks/L$0/Kyoot  {Small blue paper bag next to the current 50l friday item}

Bikini: No Longer Available.

What i’m Listening To: Let Live – Of Mice & Men


So you take a picture of something you see.

My brain has been on this giant roller coaster the past few days, and i’m so glad i’ve cleared up a few things. But im missing someone, very very much :(

Boredom gets the best of us some days.. then we end up going through our inventory looking for random shit to wear with stuff we have to blog. Its annoying, especially when the skirt your wearing, your not so sure about. But this is my summer outfit (;  And dangmit! Friggin paid tv just cut out again cause of rain fade.. i love how teh USA goes into summer and we’re going into winter.. ehh atleast its my birthday in 26 days, im so excited~ ;D

What i’m wearing:

Hair: [e] Again/L$50 {Fifty Linden Friday}/Elikatira

Top: -[AddiCt]-BoHo Summer Tube Top Ice Cream/L$175/AddiCt

Skirt: Old Hunt Gift.

{Full Res @ Flickr}

Currently Listening to: Talk – Coldplay


Pissing in plastic cups before we went on stage

{Full Res @ Flickr}

Memories… make me wanna go backk thereeee. {I’m obsessed with the song from Jackass 3D}

Well i’ve been bored these past few days, nothing to do and its rather sad.

Though it has been nice to kind of..relax, i guess.

What i’m wearing:

Hair: [e] Garden/L$250/Elikatira

Swimsuits: -[AddiCt]-SPERANZA Swimsuit {Berry & Blue}/L$150/AddiCt

Shoes: Blogged Before.

What i’m listening to: Memories – Weezer


LOTD – 14/04/’11

This is me when im not all dressed up, it’s nothing special but i think its rather cute ^^

What i’m wearing:

Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Tan – Winter B1/L$1000/Illusory

Hair:  [e] Paper/L$250/elikatira

Top: fri. – Ruched Button.Down (White)/L$80 {Sale Till the 17th}/

Pants:  -SU!- Rea Jeans Black/L$180/Suicidal Unborn

Mouthie: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Mouthchain :: What’s up, DOC ? ::/Hunt of Easter/LOULOU&CO

Piercings: [.Thump] – Rosie Piercing/L$75/.Thump Mainstore

Currently listening to: Change – Deftones


hellooo, pretty lady. you buy cat?

❀ – *Linc* Open buttoned Dress Charcoal {L$250}
– –
➩ from Luck Inc.

❀ – [e] Secret Boots {L$200}
– – –
➩ from [elikatira]

❀ – :SEY Rider Chaps {L$400}
– – ➩ from :SEY:

❀ – Addicted to Dopamine Posture Collar {L$50 right now until April 10th! After that, I think it’s like…L$200ish. I don’t remember :<}
– – – ➩ from Kyoot

❀ – PR!TTY: Bow Headband :Grey Recolorable {FREE!}
– – ➩ from Tea Soup + PR!TTY
☆ ☆ ☆ there are two other free gifts here, too!

❀ – jane.intrinsic.tank.wh fawn [hi] {FREE!}
– – – ➩ from JANE

❀ – [e] Mood – Brown 04 {L$250 for essentials pack; L$220 for a regular color pack}
– – ➩ from [elikatira]

❀ – Suntan -Taylor- Natural {L$1195}
– – – ➩ from *League*:

❀ – xbordeaux – Hungry Hearts Stockings
– – ➩ I’m so sorry! It was an old hunt gift, but I’m not even sure where the store it was from is anymore! ;o;