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hey, ho, let’s go! blitzkrieg bop

I know, I know, it’s the last day of the Independence Day sale at Grixdale, but at least I’m getting this up before it’s over! ..right? Well, you all already know about the sale thanks to Akira, so this is just another look for y’all (HURR I ACTUALLY SAID IT WHEN NOT TRYING TO BE SILLY [Rina is an anti-y’all Texan]) at two other things you can snag at Grixdale before the sale ends for either 100L (red), 75L (white), or 50L (blue)!

….kay, what you’re looking at here is the…

Dress: Grixdale – Sun of a Gun – Vintage Doll – Rose  {L$100}
Hoody: Grixdale. My Sunshiney Hoody – Muted – Robin {L$50}

❤ sincerely, Grixdale


IT’S TIME FOR…. It’s time for…. Well, for some other nonGrixdalerelated things to be noted! Unfortunately, Gryphon Wings doesn’t have an in-world store anymore but you can still find its stuff on the marketplace (thank goodness)! I probably should’ve included a buttshot of the pants, but lazy habits die hard. The pants actually have kind of a high waist, but come on, does that detract from how great they look?! Just throw on a top that isn’t super short unless you like you some kindofhighwaist and wallah. Fixt (yes, I know fixt isn’t a word BUT JUST SAY IT)! …unless you do what I did and put on a belt after editing the pants a bit in obvious ways. Why? Because they’re modifiable. It’s great. :>. Anyway, enough blahdeblah…

Shirt: Izzie’s – Off Shoulder Top pink  {L$150} @ Izzie’s
Pants: ~GW~ Essential Jeans: Chocolate {L$145} @ Gryphon Wings (marketplace)
Boots: Kboots – black {L$450} @ Ju We…shsgretgs! (marketplace)
Watch: Kari – Industrial Watch {group gift AKA free!} @ Kari

P.P.S. “Ju We…shsgretgs!” is actuallywell, the guy’s name is Ju Weissnicht. Just…for the record. :>
P.P.P.S. WATCH PICTUR YAAAY because you have to see how detailed and nice that thing on my wrist is!

blitzkrieg bop – the ramones
because I had to share what was on my mind


hey pretty lady with the high heels on ♪

…wait, high heels? This gal ain’t wearin’ high heels, she’s wearin’ boots! … OH WELL, DOESN’T STOP ME FROM SINGING MICHAEL JACKSON SONGS. Aaanyway… Because Miss Rina doesn’t wanna get drop kicked, she thought she would post again for Miss Akira-Without-Interwebs. :>. Also, I apologize about the stockings… I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH AHHHH even though I don’t know where they can be obtained anymore ;____;.

❀ Hair: .ploom. Browns 1 – Vin {L$200}
➩ from ploom

❀ Glasses: -NALA-*Gabriella* {L$300}
➩ from -NALA-

❀ Shirt: fri. – Ruched Button.Down (Teal) {L$80  during sale until the 17th!}
➩ from

❀ Shorts: fri. – Denim Shorts (Black Wash) {L$45 during sale until the 17th!}
➩ from

❀ Boots: Kboots- black {L$450}
➩ from Treads