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Take me from here.

I know, i know. I make promises to blog more and don’t follow up on them. But heres a post! So suck on that >.>
If i haven’t told you already I’ve been stuck in a game called League of Legends. It’s amazing, i love it :3 If you also play LoL, my name is SNImmy add me :D :)

Take me from here.

Full Res @ Flickr

Salt & Pepper has a new group gift out. It’s the red tattoo in the picture. Face included.

What i’m wearing:

Skin – [Ill] Illusory – Skin_Paige – Bite Me/L$88/Illusory @ Collarbor88
Tattoo – S (and) P – Help Please! Tattoo/Group Gift/ Salt and Pepper
Hair – [e] Fight/L$88/Elikatira @ Collabor88

I’ll try and get around to posting in the next few days, if i don’t forgive me.

. . . Abandon All Ships – Megawacko 2.1



You make me feel like im living a teenage dream.

~Full Res @ Flickr~

Taste of  Secondlife is out more info here.

This dress is currently out at SAKIDE (rebranded from Sassy Kitty Designs) for free, to all the TOSL group members. SAKIDE is this weeks featured designer :D Join the group here, and teleport here to grab it (: If you have any problems, comment on this post and ill get back to you ASAP. This gift is only out till sunday midnight, so go get it! :D

What i’m wearing

Dress ~> [ SAKIDE ] Empire Dots Dress Rose/L$0 Tosl Group Gift/Sakide

Pictures taken @ Zigana

What i’m listening to: Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

~ Akira

Buried Alive

I’ve been a busy bee lately. Rl stuff {Yes, i have a real life}, training so i can blog for The Rumor {YAYYY!!!} and well just stuff.. i’m going to be getting my store back up in the next 2 or 3 weeks, i’ve been sooooo lazyy when it comes to it .__.

But anyway!~

(Full Res @ Flickr)

What i’m wearing:

Tops & Shorts: -BC- Group Gift/L$0/-BC-

-BC- Has a new group gift out, it is 100l to join the group but it is totally worth it. Included in the gift is a pretty skin, but its not exactly something i’d wear so i just threw on the top and shorts and awwed c:

The skin and cleavage add on are from Illusory, they’re still having their half price sale on the skin, cleavage and eye options for it, so make sure you go and check it out while you can.

What i’m listening to: Buried Alive – Ready, Set, Fall!


Drop the gun and follow my voice.

^ Really shit edit, sorry. (Full Res @ Flickr)

I’ve been uninspired, uninterested and well not in the mood. I guess i been a sour bitch the past few days, a bit of rl drama. It was my birthday yesterday so im going Ice Skating today with rl friends and i promise ill get peekchas and post one or two on Flickr. Yeah probably.

So anyway, im sorry iv been such a shit blogger. ;(

What i’m wearing:

Hair: fri. – Rashelle/L$250/

Top: *Linc* Cashmere Top Shortsleeves Purple Taupe/L$150/Linc

Pants: *Linc* Leatherpant Low Cut Plain/L$200/Linc

Belt: .:Hermony:. Rock`n Rolla Belt (black)/L$199/Hermony Marketplace

What i’m listening to: EatMeWhileImHot! – Mother May I


I Won’t Back Down

(Full Res @ Flickr)

I’ve been a horrible blogger this past week but hey, iv been uninspired, and havent felt like doing anything but playing games on steam | <3 Half-Life 2: Deathmatch <3<3<3<3<3

It’s my birthday in 4 days :o So yeahhhhhhhhh. Me and a few friends are going Ice Skating, then we’re gonna come

home and watch movies C: So excited =^.^=


What i’m wearing:

Hair: [e] Falling/L$50 {Fifty Linden Friday}/Elikatira

Dress: Grixdale -Letters Home – Halter Dress – Coma/L$75 {Independence Day Sale – July 4th – July 15th – More info here}/Grixdale

Legs: Hell i dont even remember & CBF XD

What i’m listening to: Won’t Back Down – Eminem ft. Pink



So I know this outfit probably looks a bit tacky to some of ya, or maybe even a lot of ya, or possibly a lot less of ya than I’m thinkin’, but something about it charmed me as I was going through my inventory and I needed to make another post for Miss Akira anyway, so I thought why not? I kind of like it. :>. But anyway, maybe you like the shirt or maybe you like the pants, or maybe y’like both of ’em, so I’m just gonna get to the details y’people look at blogs like this for. 8D. I’ve posted the hair before, but it’s been a while so whooo~

❀ Hair: Deena – Browns {L$250}
➩ from

❀ Shirt & Scarf: Dot neckerchief and Pink shirts {L$1 for the J sim ichigo hunt}
➩ from Mr. Poet

Pants: DearTee –  Mix & Match Hunt {FREE! Part of the Mix & Match Hunt}
➩ from Poised

Shoes: L Kucks – cream pink {L$25 from the gatchas :>}
➩ from Larnia Kids

HOUSE: so idk if you people know about Modest House or not, but you should. Go HERE and do yourself a favor by subscribing and gettin’ yourself a real cute group gift. :>. Unfortunately the skyboxhousething I’m in isn’t the current gift, but fortunately the current gift is a super cute decorated table that I’m too lazy to take pictures of  BUT THE POINT IS, AWESOME FREEBIES ARE AWESOME. GOGOGO.

boom cars and more kyoot

…wait, what? Boom Cars? Heck yeahhhh.
But wait, what’s this! A new post, SO SOON? Welllll. Miss Akira and Shirina had a mini shopping spree yesterday, so yes. :>… Skin & hair have been blogged already (…and in one post below), so I’ll leave them out. 8D


❀ –  -Femme- Drape Vest *Gray* {L$280}
– – ➩ from [pivaaca]


❀ – Knitted Tunic Mini Dress (Gray) {L$50 until April 10th! Hurry, hurry!}
– – – ➩ from Kyoot


❀ – Suede Fringe Boots / ash {L$300}
– – ➩ from KAO {marketplace / in-world store}

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Ok, so it’s been a while. I would first off like to say hi, i’ve been lazy, get over it.

Second off, this blog post. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past 2 weeks you would know that the earth is going to all hell at the moment. First with the Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake and then the Japan Earthquake & Tsunami. Now their nuclear plants have blown up. Ugh :/ The lovely people in secondlife have came up with an emergency fundraiser which runs from March 16th – April 10th, at a sim Glam Affair have kindly donated the use of while the event is on.

There are so many designers that have put stuff out to help raise money for Japan, like Sassy Kitty Designs, Magika, Pink Fuel, iPoke, Grixdale, TeaSoup & So many more.

Teleport to the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser and take a look around, theres bound to be something you’ll like and want (:

Below are a few things that i got (:

What I’m Wearing:

Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Tan – Winter B1/L$1000/Illusory

Hair: Magika PCF Red // Paisley/L$50/Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Top: Berries Inc. tweee top old pink/L$110/Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Pants: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Japanese Unbuttoned Jeans Ripped/L$120/Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Underwear: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Slide/Slide ’em off Panties Kiss/L$20/Gacha@Sassy Kitty Designs

Shoes: -Phoenix Rising-Buckle Flats-BLACK/L$1/Phoenix Risisng


Currently Listening To: Panic! At The Disco – The Ballad Of Mona Lisa