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Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

I’ll numb the pain ’til I am made of stone.

New shirts from Sakide, also I got new boobies. Tango from Lolas are quite nice. <3


sorry for slightly poor quality.


Mesh Boobs ~ Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts

Shirt ~ [ SAKIDE ] Spencer Lace Shirt Black

Skirt ~ [ SAKIDE ] Mini Lace Skirt Black


I feel your fingers are bringing this gun to my head.


Hair: fri. – Apple – Black

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah Light Skin

Dress: [SAKIDE] Trondheim Cardigan – Black

Boots: SLink Tall Leather Thigh Boots Black.


Collar: +PE+ Strapped in collar.

Outfit(Panties & Bra): [SAKIDE] Vintage Glam Panties Black

There’s a line on the spine of the girl in black.

Hi guys!

I’m back, fortunately, for the bloggings and stuffs. Sorry I went AWOL!

Props to Moni from Red Mint for being so freaking generous! <33

From left to right:

Top ~ (r)M~Collared Corset~No.06 (Mesh)

Top ~ (r)M~Lavish Vest~No.05 (Mesh)

Top ~ (r)M~Ribbon Tank Top ~ No.07 (Mesh)

As usual, these tops also come in numerous other colors as well, so go grab them! All of them!

TP to Red Mint! 

More soon. ~ <3

I’m always searching for Serenity || Vintage Fair 2012 Teasers || Flickr competition || Other shit!

HELLO THERE READERS. If there are any of you left.

I am sorry I’ve neglected to blog for god knows how long, I’ve been busy with League of Legends, since I’ve actually started to be good at the game.

Anywhoser, Vintage Fair 2012 is coming up, and I’ll be posting some pictures of some things that you can expect to see below.

There’s a huge Flickr Competition being held and you can find the information on it here.

I’d also like to mention the sponsors of Vintage Fair; Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, coldLogic, Gizza Creations, Indyra Originals, PurpleMoon Creations, oOo Studio and Trompe Loeil!

Hair – Magika [02] Draw

Top – .::PiCHi::.KAIA StraplessTop in Black – Vintage Fair Exclusive.

Shorts – .::PiCHi::. LITA Floral Shorts in Green – Vintage Fair Exclusive.

Glasses – Izzie’s – 80’s Sunglasses (mesh) – Vintage Fair Exclusive.

You know you put me in a spin.

Hey guys!

I haven’t really been on SL at all much lately, and when I am I barely do anything except blog stuff when I get it or hang out with my SL partner :3. I’m still playing League of Legends and now grinding for Influence Points so I can buy Akali. Turns out not only am I a good support(Soraka, Sona, Taric, Nidalee, and after I get Akali I’m getting Karma.) But I’m also a pretty good assassin. My match history as Katarina can tell you that! But enough about LoL, this is a second life blog. :P

Outfit[Corset, panties, socks, garters]: ~ Upcoming SAKIDE Hunt Prize for Drafted! Hunt. It will be L$5.

Gloves: ~ [SAKIDE] Lace Band gloves. (World Goth Fair Gacha Machine.)

I want your toxic, talk sick, baby.

I know those gospel lips can change me ~

[Jacket, Pants, & Sneakers]: ~ :: alterego :: loser

[Shirt]: ~ *Linc* Tiedtop Black

[Kitty Ears, Whiskers, & Collar]: ~ +PE+ Feral Set -Black

[Kitty Tail]: ~ How Vexing! [Neko Tail – Black]

I hate myself sometimes, I love myself.

New stuff’s been happening. :o I’m planning on learning Karma in LoL.

Planning on buying Tera in a month or so.

And I started talking to a really old friend, and things are going pretty well. :33

On the left:

Dress ~ :::LiNe::: Chamomile/Pink

In the middle:

Dress ~ :::LiNe::: Ceylin/Dark Blue

On the right:

Shorts ~ :::LiNe::: SummerSun/Black

Let me see you stripped.

Okay, I know you all know Culture Shock 2012 is coming up.. So I’d like to show you some things, I was allowed early access, (Thanks so much, Keira! <3) and was able to pick up a few things, so here’s a few of my favorites. :) <3

On the left –

-paper.doll- Dakota: Wildfire.

Middle –

:::Sn@tch Seraphim Dress- Black

Right –

[ SAKIDE ] Lozenges Dresses Black&Red

Culture Shock opens up on the Fourth, so when it opens, have fun and make sure you buy EVERYTHING, because there’s a ton of stuff to pick from.

I’m the deepest cut.

New stuff.

I don’t have a whole lot to say.. I’m just happy, albeit sick.

Dress – *TwInS FaShIoN – TF* WarSexy Dress in Black.

Belt – dl:: Fighter Belt

Mask – dl:: Face Mask with face tattoo

Screamin’ on the inside.

Fuckin’ sexy ass new bikinis from the Bishes. :D