Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

I’m Coming Home.

I (Akira) Would like announce the reopening of this blog and my whereabouts verified for anyone who has wanted to know.

I had completely lost interest due to the fact that it became like a job to me, logging in and blogging everyday, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I used to.

But it’s kay guys, I’m back and I will start posting again!

I would like to formally apologise to Acide, I’m sorry I didn’t get to blog the skin pack and ears that you sent me because I wasn’t online to see it had been sent and pretty much been MIA to everyone. 

I will be revamping this blog and possibly moving it to a different address (I’m not too sure yet). If so I will post a link and for any followers to please come follow the new one ^_^

Again, I’m sorry guys but I am back! Time to have fun again!



Sleeping With Sirens – If You Can’t Hang


One response to “I’m Coming Home.

  1. ohmygoshsarah September 21, 2012 at 4:37 PM

    corarie <3333
    yeah sl is boring when you got nothing to do lol

    rina who continues to have life sucked away by college and procrastination ;m;

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