Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Everywhere I go I drag this coffin just in case.

Bah, I LOVE the new Red Mint skins. The make up is pretty adorable as well. c:

Anyways, I’m sorry I haven’t been religiously posting like I used to. I just don’t have a whole lot to say, or blog for that matter.

I’ve also been busy trying to get better at League of Legends, but, you know, of course my main Champion is banned from Ranked matches because she’s so overpowered.

Oh well, I’m saving up for Kennen anyways. :D And if I say I’m getting better, I’m lying. Although I did pull a few strings last night and didn’t die once in the whole game. :O I EVEN GOT A KILL.

Skin – ( r )M~ (Skin) Doll ~ No.10 ~ (5)RAW (Rainbow)

Top – (r)M~DrawDown Top (No.05)

Skirt – (r)M~DrawUp Skirt (No.05)


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