Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Sing me to sleep.

My character for The Fallen: City of Charm. :) She’s a Hellhound/Lycan Blighter. Hellhound lore for Charm says their eyes were replaced with fire. I picked and went through my inventory before I found :[P]:-Aleria Collection;//Seelie-Fire, they seemed to fit, so I tried it, and that’s the best I could do. :3 Anyways! She’s cute, yeah?

I ended up meeting one of my long-lost friends when I came here, and a few friends I had met a long time ago. This sim is  exceeded my expectations ten fold. So awsum. :3


Jacket – <TheAbyss> F_Bomber_Jacket

Dress – ** Chacha Dress Black

Tights – *blowpop* Seamed Fishnet Tights -Black

BJ knees – –SU!- Bloody Knees 01

Dog tags – <TheAbyss> F_Gear//Dog_Tags[Opium#10708]

Facial Piercing – :Hebenon Vial: Anonymous

by the way, this look was half stolen from Digi Pera’s blog because I liked it so much. c:


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