Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

We won’t go up in smoke.

So today, Lost Haven, this really awesome store had this kind of.. Event, hunt thing. It was really, really frustrating for me since my computer was lagging and there were tons of people and khrlkjhgelkrhgklerjg.

But grats to the people that won the two avatars! Everyone got a prize for participating, and it’s shown below~!

Latex Outfit<3 ~ [ SAKIDE ] Rubbing Latex Lingerie Black ~ Festival of Sin

Boots ~ G157 Ring Boots – Black @ Graves.

Hands ~ [LH] God-Tech ANU-8 Bracers. [[ The bracers were a gift from participating in the event Lucia held, but there’s a full Anubis avatar at Lost Haven, as well as many other amazing ones. ^^ ]]

Top Tattoo ~ AITUI TATTOO – Forever Loved  [[ For the WOMENstuff hunt. :D It’s #80]]

Bottom Tattoo ~ B. – Hipster Birds. @ Biscotti. [[Marketplace only.]]


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