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Grab the bull by the horns, the old addage goes.

Nothing like having your boyfriend say he wishes you would dress like someone else.

And then jokingly say “I’m gonna get implants just to make you mad.” And then he says, “why would that make me mad?”

Until I mention it to him I had Lolas in mind, and then he disagrees.

:/ Oh well.

Skin & Nails ~ ( r )M ~ (Skin) Pale ~ No.10 ~ (1)RAW (Nude) @ Red Mint

Tattoo ~ Tenjin Wings of Love Tattoo [ For Upcoming GRENADE FREE WEDNESDAY ] @ Tenjin

Horns, Ears & Tail ~ [-B-] :Becoming The Bull: DOLLARBIE @ Buried

Dress ~ KIM-Jack or Jill Hunt Item @ Kim – [L$0]

Stockings ~ MIEL LO SOCKS EBONY @ Miel

Boots ~ [ SAKIDE ] A Bit of Ostrich Boots Black @ SAKIDE

Ring ~ Sticky fingers * Fanatik line: Mesh skull ring – Copper @ Sticky Fingers

Bracelet ~ – .HoD. – The Crosary Bracelet @ Haus of Darcy


2 responses to “Grab the bull by the horns, the old addage goes.

  1. AkiraKeiji Resident February 6, 2012 at 11:11 AM

    I love ya Leila. Don’t listen to him.

  2. leilalulz February 6, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    He said that he was "only teasing", but he comments on how I dress a lot. :/

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