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Good Feeling

 So i’ve come to the conclusion that guys are assholes.

If a guy expects you to be something that you’re not. Then they’re not worth the time or effort.


So there’s been this guy that i’ve pretty much been inlove with for the past 2 years, i was with him for a month last year till a few things happened which stopped us from being with eachother, he pretty much was and still is my world :l

He has a girlfriend now, who hates me and has stopped us from talking to eachother, we’ve kind of had /that/ kind of friendship and relationship where can tell eachother anything and it will be whatever.

Now, he’s planning on breaking up with this girl because she’s a major bitch and is suicidal and shit, but it’s meh.

I’m a mess and need someone to talk to.. so this post was pointless and i just wanted to tell someone what’s going on..


Akira. <3


What i’m Listening to: Flo Rida – Good Feeling


One response to “Good Feeling

  1. leilalulz February 6, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    I’m sorry you’re still having guy problems. :(

    Tell ya h’whut, when I get money on like the 20th or so, wanna go shopping? My treat. c: Maybe it’ll make ya feel better.

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