Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

And your beautiful boy won’t wait for you, because he’s busy with the stars and the fame.

So I might be coming back to SL a bit more. I’m really trying to make up for lost time and not blogging. I feel kinda bad I freaked out. Other games, like Bastion, Psychonauts, Half Life, Killing Floor, and TF2 have been keeping me away for the most part. Other than WoW.

I will be blogging officially anything and everything I receive. I did before, but I’m going to do it again. So, I’m back. :)


Skin: *JeSyLiLO*:::Onyx:::*LightSkin*J2*BT

Dressie: [ SAKIDE ] Wiggle Crochet Dress Black

Heels: [ SAKIDE ] MESH Bicolor Platforms Beige/Slate for BLACK MARKET


Dressie: [ SAKIDE ] My Simple Party Dress


Panties: .:Sticky fingers:. My black Va-Va-Voom underwear set

What I’m currently listening to.


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