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In love with the dark side I’d found.

Any person, any one that knows me well enough – like Akira, knows that I’m a SAKIDE fan. And for me to be able to blog for the owner of it, ugh, so exciting. :D I’m so HAPPY! Plus some really good hunts opened up today – and it’s DECEMBER! Which is the month of CHRISTMAS! And my birthday, yo.

Please skip the below rant if you’re close minded. Thanks. :P

Lately I’ve kind of been raging, especially with this whole “war against Christmas” bullshit. I register as Agnostic, normally – this is just me sharing my views on the whole thing, I think it’s funny – but I agree with the views of, and semi-register as a Pagan or Wiccan. Everyone is ranting about how “America is a Christian Country”, when… America doesn’t have an Official Religion, and Christmas isn’t even a Christian Holiday. It’s a Pagan holiday- The actual birth of Jesus is unknown, the reason it’s on December 25th is because it’s right in the middle of Saturnalia- a pagan Holiday. The “Christmas” tree is also a Pagan symbol. :) But if you read this blog I expect you’re open minded and are not going to yell at me for posting my views and just stating facts on a blog I am perfectly able to do so on. o/

Oh, I should probably say, this whole War On Christmas bull thing started with one or two stores saying they didn’t want their employees to say “Merry Christmas,” they simply asked them to greet customers by saying “Happy Holidays.” Which, I don’t think is a big deal. A lot of the more zealous people are getting rather malevolent too. I think it was on Fox News facebook page or something. I dunno, I found it on reddit. I remember one woman posting: “I love Jesus and the cross! If you don’t I hope you get raped!”

Which makes me think that they’re rather malevolent worshippers if they wish bad upon another person while claiming to be of a Religion of benevolence. But that’s just me! There were also some “We should kill atheists!” remarks here and there. I know this is probably going to offend some people, but you don’t have to read it. Again, this is just my view on things.

/End Rant.

TL;DR just look below, there’s the pictures I come here for. xD

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Hair ~ (r)M ~ Hair No.05

Piercing ~ – .HoD. – Omega Nose Gauge Set – [Rotten Christmas Hunt]

Top ~ [ SAKIDE ] Fuck Xmas Tops Black

Lingerie ~ [ SAKIDE ] Everyday Lingerie Black

Eyes ~ :[P]:-Aleria Collection;//Fool-Blue


3 responses to “In love with the dark side I’d found.

  1. wallawallabingbang December 2, 2011 at 11:56 AM

    Anyone claiming to be of a certain faith yet wishing ill things upon others who don’t share the same beliefs when it’s not acceptable behavior for that faith (is there even a faith where that’s kind of thing is encouraged? I sure hope not)…are stupid and probably not even what they claim to be (in this case Christian), but are probably only using the label to try to make themselves either look better or he or she is a demented person and is purposely trying to give whatever faith they claim to be a bad name. Those people annoy me so much. That woman better be glad I don’t know her, or I’d set her straight; I don’t give a rat’s hiney if she’s adult (actually she probably isn’t), she’s certainly not behaving like one. Religion doesn’t even matter when she has the nerve and immaturity to say something like “I hope you get raped”. People say it jokingly, maybe, /privately/, /maybe/ (who seriously says that even jokingly?) but to say that publicly and give no indication that she doesn’t mean it? That’s despicable. FRIGGIN. How DARE she wish such a thing upon others while claiming to Christian >:(! If I ever come across anyone claiming to share the same faith as me and they condemn or judge another person simply because of their different beliefs, boy will it be difficult not to slap them. I shouldn’t get so worked up about it, but I /hate/ when people give faiths a bad name because of their stupidity. People like that embarrass me. They don’t have to be claiming to be of any sort of faith or no faith at all; they’re just an embarrassment, plain and simple.

    ANYWAY UGH SORRY. I don’t care what religion Christmas pulls a lot of things from, it still provides a good opportunity to get together with family and have a good time :>! I don’t know about other families, but in my family getting all of us together is difficult and usually only happens on special occasions.

    war on christmas = stupid
    big deal over employees being asked to say “happy holidays” instead of “merry christmas” = stupid

    basically, random rant + agreement with your post
    also I need to do one of the hunts at SAKIDE 0.0

    • leilalulz December 2, 2011 at 3:39 PM

      Omigosh some of the stuff is so cute. c: from the Rotten hunt is the one I went on- has lots of cute stuff. But yeah, Christmas for my family is about getting together and having the day off. (we’re not social people.) I personally would have slapped the woman who said that in the face, as well as all the others who said stuff like “atheists/agnostics always look so miserable because they don’t believe in anything. We should ship them to another continent,” etc etc. The “War on Christmas” was mainly created by Fox news anyway, I think. Some time bomb they set off.

  2. AkiraKeiji Resident January 26, 2012 at 4:11 PM

    Wow, i’m slow. I was going through the comments on my dashboard for this blog and found one talking about Christian beliefs, so on and so forth.

    America is supposedly a country of the free, but you still have to pay taxes like everyone else, you still have to do what the government tells you, so therefore, not free but slaves.

    My mother if a firm believer in God, and i accept it. Though i don’t really have an opinion on the whole thing.
    “God is love, nothing more, nothing less” as she put it. To be able to say “I believe in god, kill everyone who doesn’t” is going against god in itself. The same with The whole end of world theory, “Everyone who believes in christ will be set free and will go to heaven and everyone else will be banished to the firey depths of hell” Bullshit. Why would god “put” us on earth and “create” earth just to kill us off and seperate the believers and non believers when he gave everyone their own mind and their own voice to speak out what they believe in. Quoted by the motherbitch <3.

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