Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Dead as dead can be, the doctor tells me.

Great news! I’ll be blogging for ZombiePopcorn. (: Any items I receive I will promptly post them so you guys can see what’s in the upcoming hunt!

So, as you might know, if you like my store… Whoever you are, that it’s been wrecking balled and put under a new name. It’s now known as Biscotti. :3 I’m still selling the same things – I just need to get around to renaming them, boxing them up and putting them back into my magic box, and taking new pictures for them. I’m also working on a skin! Keep in mind that it won’t be the best, if at all good or alright. XD

My new store!

Anyways, onto ze zombies!

Skin ~ .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Light – Stained A3

Hair ~ RAW HOUSE :: Kannibal

Collar ~ *BLITZED* Legacy Choker

Straps & Backpack ~ [ bubble ] Survivor Bag & Straps

Outfit & Mask ~ .Sweet Antidote. for ZP Brand

Eye Scratchies ~ {Fallen Doll} Scratched Eye Scars



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