Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

I’ll give anything again to be your babydoll.

Okay, so i lost my internet for two days. Oh the pain i had to go through :( Lol i jk, withdrawals much? I swear when i came back and logged back into skype i got a ton of messages saying “Where the F@CK have you been?” Lol. I never log off skype so it makes sense c:

So I was watching the EMAs on MTV lastnight, and i must say all these disney bitches have grown up D; They had a guy streaking on stage w/ Selena Gomez saying bitch and all sorts of cuss words, my mind was soiled after :( Lolll

Anyways, Suicidal Unborn have new dresses out, :) was a nice surprise to log into and to keep me busy for 30 minutes atleast :) Lets just say i won’t be taking off the purple one in a hurry c:

I'll give anything again to be your babydoll. I have always liked the clothing from SU because everything is very detailed, one of my motivations to open up a store of my own and learn some photoshop skillz of my own :)

Dresses – -SU!- Thango Dress / L$250 / Suicidal Unborn

{Also i applied to be a blogger for the Grunge Soul Project event every 3 weeks :) I was accepted! yay, so i will be posting the next one when it’s all out and ready, i hope that’s okay with the owner D;}

Lady Gaga – You And I





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