Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Within the flames, this current of corruption will cease.

So, I keep coming out with new tattoos every few days or so. So far I’ve released;

This, this, and this.

A pirate themed tattoo will be coming out soon, with the Kraken and pirate ships and stuff like that. Lately I just work with small tattoos, ’til I get up to working with big stuff. Anyways, hope you enjoy what I’ve got out so far. I’ll likely be redo-ing the images on my items in the store as the ones that are up now look half assed. Heh. Might do another shape too, though my tattoos and buckets full of stuff seem to be more popular.

Keep an eye on my store, stuff’s always coming out.

Shirt ~ -SU!- Basic Top Black

Pants ~ Gawk! Black and White Stitched Jeans

Sim/Background ~ Dark Forest in the current build of the Jenova Crisis Sim. Gongaga is going to be coming out soon. This is the sim I roleplay in, I’m a Second Lieutenant in the Rebel Faction of Wutai. ^^ If you’re into roleplaying and like Final Fantasy you should come check it out!


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