Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Can we create something beautiful, and destroy it.

The owner of ( R E D ) M I N T send me a whole buttload of stuff! I was like “woahhhh!”

I love her stuff, (: It’s all so pretty and falls together perfectly with each other, or mixed and matched with other stuff. Her hair is awesome too! And everything else. Well, Moni (the owner) HAS everything in the store, as previously stated, to make an avatar. So I STRONGLY recommend it to new players. I also recommend hunts to new players with lack of funds. [New Players reading this, I suggest looking up the ZombiePopcorn Hunt, it never disappoints and it’s coming up on the 15th of this month!]

Wearing ~

Left ~  Hair ~ Kannibal by ::RAW HOUSE::

Shirt ~ ( R E D ) M I N T ~ C O L L A R E D S W E A T E R No.2

Pants ~ ** Tyra Lowrise Jeans.

Collarbone Piercings ~ – .HoD. – Nara Body Piercing.

Middle ~

Dress & Leggings ~ (r)M ~ Leather Dress (No.01)

Boots ~ (r)M~Shoe Repair “Punk Boot” ( b l a c k )

Right ~

Shirt: ( R E D ) M I N T ~ L A C E T O P (No.08)

In other words; go visit Red Mint! The owner is possibly the sweetest woman ever! (:

( R E D ) M I N T Mainstore


P.S. I have to mention Ziau’s penis in this post or else he’ll be mad at me.


Ziau’s penis.


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