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If You Can’t Hang There’s The Door Baby

So i should’ve posted this days ago but never got around to it, but here it is now. As you all know i’ve kinda drifted from Second Life. Friggin bored of it now :{

A New World~Full Res @ Flickr~

What i’m wearing:

Hair ~> [e] Rush/L$220/250/Elikatira

Top ~> *T.Whore*-  Bang Top Magenta & Blue/L$140 for each./The Whore

Pants ~> *T.Whore* – Sweet Skinny Jeans Red & Aqua/L$150 for each./The Whore

Heels ~> Mstyle RIVEA Pumps Magenta & Mint/L$379/Mstyle

I guess since this is my blog, somewhere I can express my opinion and feelings on something. I thought i’d share this with everyone. The other day i tried to kill myself, there’s alot going on at the moment.. i guess i’m just so lonely i dont see the point in living.. so i’ll be getting on secondlife alot more and trying to open up and let more people in my life.. cause i’m afraid if i don’t i’ll end up 6 feet under. I’m a mess because of someone who promised that they wouldn’t go anywhere or hurt me. Yeah, It’s a he too.
I’d really like to talk to someone.

What i’m listening to ~> If You Can’t Hang – Sleeping With Sirens



2 responses to “If You Can’t Hang There’s The Door Baby

  1. Leonie Szczepanski October 5, 2011 at 12:05 PM

    Hey Akira, How are you doing? Better I hope. You have a good reason to be down but nothing more…when we’re experiencing terrible moods, there are now loads of things a person can do. I’ve had terrible problems with these issues since I was a little kid and now am just reading a relatively new book called The Mood Cure by Dr Julia Ross. She also wrote The Diet Cure which I haven’t yet read. You can find her site on the net though I haven’t thoroughly checked it. In the first place, the strongest and best thing I can suggest for the time being is to go out and get an amino acid called 5-HTP. In some cases, one 50mg capsule has perked people up in AS LITTLE AS 10 minutes! When I read that I ran out and got some and started to feel somewhat better in the first few hours and now have been taking it for about 6 days. I am in Canada and not sure where you are, but if you email me directly at I might be able to give you more info. Meanwhile take long hot baths and stuff! And I sincerely wish you well. Leonie

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