Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Just know if i could go back, this would all be different.

It has been too long, way too long. First of all i’d like to say sorry for my absence. I have been caught up in other games and have just gotten bored of Secondlife. Second, i’ve recently become an avid player in Secondlife again because of a few things that have happened and i need something to do while i try and get my head around the fact that he won’t be there anymore.

But anyway, Sticky fingers has just released a few things in their store. New different color corsets and panties, if anything they’re cute as hell ^_^

[Sorry for the poor photo quality, i had to edit in paint since i reformatted not that long ago, need to redownload photoshop]

17, Sep 2011

~Full Res @ Flickr~

What i’m wearing:

Hair ~> >TRUTH< Zaria – swedish/L$250/Truth Hair

Corset ~> .:Sticky fingers:.My black corset top/L$150/Sticky Fingers

Panties ~> .:Sticky fingers:.My black sheer naughty panties/L$80/Sticky Fingers

What im listening to: The Victim – Memphis May Fire

~ Akira


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