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I’ll Set Fire to the Rain

I know i missed out on posting these dresses yesterday but i was super super busy and well, yeah. (:

STORE UPDATE: I’ve decided to rip everything down, and redo it all, theres currently a sale on at the store, and everything has been marked down and its really really cheap (: So go check it out here please? Before its all gone?

Teleport to .Thump Mainstore

Alright so on with it, i was lucky enough to get into the Suicidal Unborn blogger group, so im very happy about that and also the Red Mint Blogger group, but but but i still have a few other things i need to post for that so hang in there with me, im slowly getting everthing out, i’ve just been a bit busy lately and had tons of stuff dropped on me :D

What i’m wearing:

Dresses: {Left} – -SU!- Cute Army Dress Green Bloody | {Right} – -SU!- Cute Army Dress Black/L$255 Each/Suicidal Unborn  {Both colors come in two options, The bloodied version and the normal version, so its worth a look :D}

{Full Res @ Flickr}

What i’m listening to: Set Fire To The Rain – Adele



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