Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

I just don’t care about you anymore.

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. :( But I have a few excuses.

Last night, I was riled up and mehhh, because I had a fallout with my best friend of 4-5 years. But that’s okay, I don’t really want to be close to someone who claims my personality is ‘bitch’. (:

I’ve also been attending a vacation/summer program type deal. We’re not permitted to bring laptops or computers or anything of the sort there, though. I get on when I come home at 3-ish every friday. I’m coming back for good July 28th, too, with lots of mooolahhh!

Lately, I’ve found myself admiring this one avatar…

Okay, it’s a furry, sue me. But I’m not a furry. I just like it because.. Well, it’s pretty damn adorable. Red Pandas are my favorite animal. Plus it’s from DERP. (: My boyfriend bought it for me last night, and I’m SUUUUPER happy with it! I modded the shape slightly, because it was wicked, wicked fat; even though that’s how red panduhs are supposed to be, I know. XD I also had to mod the hair I wanted to use on her just a teensy bit, but I made it work. :)



DERP. Red Panda [Natural Orange]

Shirt: =Razorblade Jacket= Girl Ripped Tank – DEAD BUNNY

Shorts: =Razorblade Jacket= Cut Offs Black

Tree necklace: -no longer available.-


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