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before it’s too late

So in case some of you didn’t know, 1st Act currently has a hunt going on for four complete (yes, that includes the skin, shape, hair, and eyes) fan-based avatars, and as the word “hunt” usually denotes, they’re all free! Seriously! When I found out, I stopped whatever the butts I was doing and hauled my hiney over there ’cause, as you can see, 1st Act creates amazing avatars with a lot of attention put into details. Again, seriously. As you can tell by one of the pictures below, the avatars are also modifiable. I spent some–not too much–time modifying the Big Boss avatar to my shape so I could prance around in it pretending to be cool. :>.

I apologize for the slightly lame poses, but I didn’t wanna look for four poses (two or three male ones nonetheless) in my inventory ‘cooooossss, weeeeeeeellll, that place is a nightmare. :>.


Squall based on his appearance in Final Fantasy VIII
Lightning based on her appearance in Final Fantasy XIII
Big Boss based on his (ahem) appearance in MGS3, Snake Eater.
Solid Snake based on his appearance in Metal Gear Solid 1 and Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes (“…before he grows the beard and mullet, and before his accelerated aging.” – Murgatroyd Zauberflote)

➩  In case you somehow didn’t see it, all of these are completely free from the hunt at 1st Act!

Don’t know who these people are but totally digging the avatars and want them? That’s totally cool. If you’re curious and don’t want to search the Internet, Murg has included notecards in the folders of each respective avatar explaining who they are! And to shed a little light on the hunt itself, here’s what you do:

When you go to the store, there are cutouts of the four characters I’ve mentioned. Click the cutout of whichever avatar you want to hunt for (all of them IMO!!) and he or she will give you a HUD, explaining that you have to find a certain number of crystals (not too many! six in total for each avatar, I think). Attach the HUD first. You will see a little circle thing with the molds of crystals in it, and guess what? Clicking the places where the crystals are gives you a hint! The first crystal for each avatar is hidden somewhere inside the store, which isn’t big at all. If you have the Phoenix viewer, I suggest you “add” each HUD (so that nothing already attached will get replaced) and move them around on your…screen because I’m a booger like that. You have to find a particular object in the area and click it, because that’s how you get the crystal to pop out! Click the crystal again and you can pick it up (within a certain [but not insanely close, thank goodness] distance to do so).

For example, the first crystal for the Lightning avatar is inside a spotlight somewhere in the store (look up!). Find the spotlight? Is it clickable? Good, click it. You’ll see a pink crystal appear near it. Click it again, and it’ll go fwoosh onto your HUD for Lightning! Click the empty crystal spots for more hints. :>. Everything after the first one is in Edge City/Edge Wastelands. It’s a pretty fun hunt, actually; not too hard, not too easy. It’ll be alright! So GO FOR IT! Get ’em while they’re available!


4 responses to “before it’s too late

  1. Sad June 25, 2011 at 3:02 PM

    too bad the avatar for lightning is totally off. why can’t they just give this away. what do they get out of us hunting for things? there’s no tier to made. it’s just wasted time

    • AkiraKeiji Resident June 25, 2011 at 7:21 PM

      Well. It doesnt really matter, its still free and IMO good quality, but everyone has their own point of view. Sure the shape is just a little off and the skin slightly but ohwell. The whole point of a hunt is to make people work for it and make it fun. It brings in more traffic and lets more people know about the store so.. More traffic = More customers = More sales if the customer likes that sort of thing. (: I’ll let Rina know you commented and she can choose whether she would like to comment back or not.

    • ohmygoshsarah June 27, 2011 at 7:26 PM

      I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you mean by “the avatar for lightning is totally off”. I’m extremely certain that any person even vaguely familiar with the FFXIII series who has seen a picture of and is familiar with the character Lightning will definitely be able to recognize the avatar for the character. Saying that the avatar is “totally off”–forgive me if I’ve just interpreted your response wrong–makes it sound like you think the fan-made avatar bears absolutely no resemblance to the actual character at all. Have you seen other pictures of the avatar? I coupled two avatars together for two pictures because I didn’t want to put up a dozen pictures, but perhaps I just didn’t do justice to the avatar. I apologize if that’s the case, but I didn’t expect to be mind-blown by someone simply saying the avatar is “completely off” without providing any reasons. I’m not the creator and there’s no constructive reason for me to know why you think the avatar is so “off”, but I’m still curious. How would you improve it?

      I know the skin, shape, and even hair won’t cater to everyone’s taste when there are other stores out there that focus purely on creating the best skin or hair that they can and nothing else, but obviously 1st Act isn’t a store that prioritizes in selling only skins or hairs. They do sell them, yes, and they’re actually very good (I mean come on, what can the average SL player with no experience in creating either of those things come up with?), but skins or hairs alone aren’t 1st Act’s selling point–and that much is obvious simply by taking a gander at what the store actually sells. They have, in my honest opinion that I’m sure is shared with many other people, *the* best werewolf avatars in SL so far, as well as amazing weapons and boots and gloves and shirts, et cetera. I’m not there at the moment, nor do I think I need to be to get my point across, so I won’t continue pointing out what exactly in the 1st Act store is remarkable. However, it’s an evolving store, and if you’ve seen their old products it’s quite clear there has been a lot of improvement.

      Anyway, my point is: just look at the avatar. Do you see the clothing? How is that *not* Lightning’s outfit? No one said you had to use the skin and hair and shape to “be” Lightning if you think you can find something better. And almost every single piece of the avatar–the hair, the shape, the clothes (but not the skin and eyes for surely obvious reasons)–are all modifiable. If that doesn’t say “I know this isn’t perfect but here’s a start AKA I tried to do what I could but if you don’t like and think you can improve it OR want to use it for more personal reasons, well, here it is and it’s yours now so do what you will” then I don’t know what does. I cannot love the fact that 1st Act’s avatars are as modifiable as they are any more than I do. I HATE when I get things that aren’t modifiable (the only exemption would be skin as far as I’m concerned), even more than I hate it when things are no copy. I understand why creators do it, but I still hate it, because when it comes to clothing or hair…well, my shape is not their shape. That’s all anyone needs to know. A lot of people have a unique shape, so something one person makes is more than likely *not* going to fit perfectly on another person’s shape. Anyway, sorry, I’ve done more than enough rambling even without this little paragraph… There’s something else I want to touch on, though.

      Wasted time? I’d honestly say it’s not wasting any more time than you already are when you’re on Second Life (btw, sorry, I’m not saying specifically you; I’m using “you” loosely–in other words, I’m wasting time by being on SL too). Though, compared to what items I *could* be hunting for as opposed to these avatars, including the Lightning avatar, I *definitely* wouldn’t say “hunting” for any or all of these avatars resulted in wasted time. Seriously, do you do hunts very often? Because I don’t know about you, but I admit I am VERY nit-picky about the quality of stuff I keep in SL. I was psyched about a hunt that just started not too long ago only to keep, what, three or four gifts from the, what, forty or fifty stores that participated? Yeah. People often do grid-wide hunts for, sometimes, one dinky little thing/one article of clothing–say, a skirt or pair of pants–per gift, and usually stores don’t have more than one or two gifts per hunt. 1st Act is being ridiculously gracious for putting out four complete avatars as good as they are in a fairly easy hunt. Four COMPLETE avatars that I dare to say are high-quality because–honestly?–overall, they *are*. And as Akira already said, a hunt is meant to bring in people who could be potential customers by offering something they created and spent several lindens on to put into the world for free or, in some hunts, cheap. But can you imagine how much linden was spent by the creators to upload each texture and sculpt that was used in any or all of these avatars? Probably a lot more than I realize, and they’re letting people have these avatars for free. I cannot stress enough how generous it is of 1st Act to do this. Certain pieces of each avatar can be used as a part of other outfits you could come up with, such as the pants or the belts or the boots or the gloves… Seriously, you’re getting a lot of very nice stuff that you can use creatively to create your own look if you just put a little bit of time into it.

      For the record, they practically ARE giving it away. You don’t have to spend anything but a small amount of time. I just… I seriously cannot see what there is to complain about. The skin isn’t the best in SL, but it’s decent enough, especially if you don’t have anything else. The shape won’t suit everyone’s fancy, but it’s mod. The clothes are amazingly detailed and wonderful and just augh awesome, but if they don’t fit at least they’re modifiable. You can make them fit your shape–it just might take some time. But to be honest? If you’re really going after a Lightning look, you won’t have to do that much modding to the shape and clothes to get what you’re looking for because, let’s face it, Lightning has a fairly normal body shape; she doesn’t have ridiculously big hips or a ghetto booty or ginormous breasts. Just make her a little bit thicker and mod the face a bit to your liking, and I’m pretty sure that’s where I say, “Walla.” That’s probably the best you can get shape-wise.

      If it’s not the skin or the shape, I don’t know what it is that makes you think this isn’t a good Lightning avatar. Even then, it’s still…well, a good avatar.

      P.S. I sincerely hope you’re not saying this because of the Emoter HUD I used to put a little umph into the attitude of the picture because…if you are, then I’m completely at a loss for words. I have more faith in people, though, so I’m just going to dismiss that tiny thought that came to mind while I was looking at my picture to try to see how the avatar is just, well, not Lightning-esque.

      P.P.S. I sincerely apologize for the essay-length reply, but I really have no idea how to put myself on a leash. I just want to understand, really. :(

  2. Kaze the Douche June 27, 2011 at 8:04 PM

    They DO just give the stuff away. You’re not paying for it, so why’re you bitching? They get nothing out of the hunt, though they thought it would be a fun little project to keep your feeble little minds off having virtual sex in a simulated environment for a good five minutes. You’re wasting no more time hunting for these avatars than you are doing anything else online. If you don’t like it, go buy some other company’s version. I promise you it’ll look like shit.

    Furthermore, FFXIII sucked, and Lightning is nothing but a female nod to FFVII’s Cloud. If you’re going to complain about one of the characters, at LEAST complain about one that actually matters.

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