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Depraved Summer Nights ~ Hunt

As everyone should know, the”Depraved Summer Nights Hunt” is starting tonight, and will run from June 1st – 30th.

&& my store {.Thump} is participating! :D I’m so excited.

Depraved Summer Nights is a GRID WIDE hunt that includes 86 listed stores AND 5 bonus stores hidden throughout the LM trail! When doing this hunt, a hunter can expect to find a variety of items for men, women, or unisex…anything ranging from clothing to furnishings, clean and dirty…you just never know what you’ll find doing a Depraved hunt. This is a FREE hunt but stores are expected to place quality items out for hunters at no cost. Search for & join the Depraved Events group in world, or simply click on any hunt sign for the group invite, and stay up to date on all depraved events, get helpful hints from other hunters when needed or just kick back and laugh at the WTF comments you may see popping up in the chat from time to time!

And as everyone else who knows me knows, im trying my hardest to get my name out there, so this is one way :D

Other stores participating:

Razorblade Jacket, American Bazaar, Raw House, Atypical, Endless Pain Tattoos, Sassy Kitty Designs, Shush, Para Designs, TeaSoup, paper.doll

and so many more :P {I don’t exactly want to flood my page with store names so go here to get the full list (: }

I will also be doing blog posts that include hunt gifts that i like from this hunt (: So keep an eye out for them. (:

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