Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Be my escape, allow me to hear with a word unspoken.

Anyone who knows me will know that i’m extremely picky when it comes to wearing clothing in Second Life.

If its not fucking adorable in MY eyes, i wont wear it. No offence but even if you think it’s the cutest thing on earth i might think its the ugliest :P

I don’t know, thats always been me :P
Okay okay so on with the post.

I rarely blog about specific stores, unless its a store sale or well yeah.. just that. But this is one very good exception. It’s very rare that i find a store i dont want to leave and want to stay in for the rest of SLife and awe all over everything.

Rotten Defiance, remember that name because you will be going to it very soon :P And thats an order. kthx.

It has both female and male clothing, and everything cute. so go NOW.

  What i’m wearing:

Hair: Action Womens Hair Trudy/L$250/Action Hair

Dress: [*RD*]*Apple Steam Dress-Blue*/L$350/Rotten Defiance

Heels: ::Kookie :: Enya – Black wash/L$500/Kookie

Tattoo: [*RD*]*Music for the Soul Tattoo*/L$300/Rotten Defiance


Antlers: [*RD*]*Elite Black Heart Antlers-Black*/L$100/Rotten Defiance

Piercings: .Thump – Babydoll Piercing/L$75/.Thump {These are the newest piercings in my store, they also come in a colored version :) Go check them out please?}

Currently listening to: Smokahontas – Attack Attack!

Highres pictures @ Flickr



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