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Mothers Day

As everyone knows, it’s mothers day.

Now first off i would like to say, whether im on Secondlife, doing little hunts with my rl mum or chillin’ out in the living room watching tv with her, We always seem to have a good time.

We may fight and argue a bit more than normal mothers and daughters do, but it’s just how we are. And some of the times we just start laughing cause it’s over something very stupid.

She probably doesn’t realize this, but i remember all the little things.

Like when the Royal Wedding was on tv {Everyone must know about that}. She started talking about when she watched Princess Diana & that dick she married, get married. On live television! She had the sadest look on her face and at that point i just wanted to get up and hug the shit outta her, but i didnt wanna hurt her because shes very fragile. Yet has the heart of a fighter.

I love and respect my mum (even if i don’t show it all the time), though everytime i tell her that i love her she thinks im greasing, Yeah thanks mum :P

About a week ago we were watching TV, and CSI came on and it was about a guy who was set alight in a car and the suspects were deaf, and only did sign language. Turns out the one who set the bomb under the car was the interpreter. And you normally know what happens from then. I asked her what i love you in sign language was and she showed me. And we did it a few times back and forward from eachother, i must say one of the best moments i have had with her.

Another one was a few months back and we got Mc Donalds and were sitting in the shopping center car park eating, and all these birds and a few sea gulls were crowding around us wanting food.

Well lets just say you’re not allowed to feed the birds and we did anyway, i remember a little bird flying over and sitting on the car rear view mirror and eating bits of burger bun bread out of my hand, and a seagull was doing the same on my mums side, another good time.

Also also also, one time we were eating subway and we had these little fruity ice drinks, and i felt plastic in my mouth, so i spat it out and had a few more sips and then found more. Once my mum found out she went into the subway bar and told the lady who served us off >:D Muahahaha, shes awesome.

As only some of you know, I’m actually adopted in real life and even though i sometimes say the wrong thing and do the wrong thing at times, and my mum gets angry. I don’t mean to.

I very much respect her and love her for saving me.

So all i’m trying to say is I Love you mum, and thankyou for sticking by me all these years, even in the rough times.

And btw everyone, my mums so much better than yours just saying :P

-Akira <3


2 responses to “Mothers Day

  1. Rina May 9, 2011 at 11:15 AM

    I love this. <3

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