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Depraved Dealers/-/TeaSoup

Hello all, i was meant to get this post out lastnight but was too lazy and too busy spending time with mah Shirina, BTW dont mind her in the picture, shes just look a bit silly xD Love you rina <3 ;D

What’s Depraved Dealers you ask?

“Depraved Dealers is a group of AWESOME designers who have come together to form this exclusive release group.  Each month a new set of designers will have a new item placed on the Depraved Nation sim for a period of 3 weeks.  This is a SALE group, not a FREEBIE group.

The items placed during the sale cannot be found at any other location or mainstore.  Make sure you come check out these great new releases and support your favorite designers!”

Okay since all my friends are all amazing, Tea Soup dropped me her item to blog that she is putting out for the event <3 Ty BTW i love it ^^

Depraved Dealer Item: TeaSoup – My Acoustic Female Set {More Info @ Tea Soups Flickr}
Also Featured on My Flickr

Currently Listening To: Yoav – Where Is My Mind? {Featuring Emily Browning}   Yes i’m addicted to the whole Sucker Punch Movie Soundtrack :P



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