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LOTD – 20/04/2011

I know i haven’t posted in the past few days, thankyou Rina for posting a few things on the blog.

I have had bad luck the past week, hit with a $500 phone bill, then had 10 days notice of my internet being cut off. So in a hurry i had to find a new internet service provider cheaper than my current one and worth being on{ AND THANK FRIGGING OD I FOUND ONE}. Which wasen’t that hard but very stressfull thinking of when it might be connected again and when i would be able to get back to my friends, store, blog and flickr. I know it’s just the internet but i love everyone in my internet life, they all mean so much to me.

This is quiet a random outfit but i threw it together

What i’m wearing:

Skin: .ILLUSORY. Skin_Paige_Tan – Winter B1/L$1000/Illusory

Hair: (Milana) Lynn/L$245/Milana

Dress: Tiny Bird – Old Friend Dress –  Lilac/L$100/Tiny Bird {Tiny bird is closing on the 30th of this month (April), everything is on sale, meaning this dress is too, go grab it while you can. ^^}

Shoes: {theosophy} Lochdon Boots (Cloud/Burnished)/L$275/{theosophy}

Accesories: CONCRETE FLOWERS- MY OWN TREE NECKLACE/L$0 {The Seasons Hunt . . . Spring – Hunt Gift}/Concrete Flowers

Currently Listening To: The Veils – Calliope



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