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boom cars and more kyoot

…wait, what? Boom Cars? Heck yeahhhh.
But wait, what’s this! A new post, SO SOON? Welllll. Miss Akira and Shirina had a mini shopping spree yesterday, so yes. :>… Skin & hair have been blogged already (…and in one post below), so I’ll leave them out. 8D


❀ –  -Femme- Drape Vest *Gray* {L$280}
– – ➩ from [pivaaca]


❀ – Knitted Tunic Mini Dress (Gray) {L$50 until April 10th! Hurry, hurry!}
– – – ➩ from Kyoot


❀ – Suede Fringe Boots / ash {L$300}
– – ➩ from KAO {marketplace / in-world store}


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