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Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Oh my god, it has been way to long. My first post on my new avatar! How exciting :3 I have missed everyone and i will be back to posting so much more very very soon. This is kind of a review/OMGTHATSSOCUTE post. I was not asked to review anything in this post i chose too cause i thought the store was kewl 8D I found this amazing Piercing store called PoM (Pierce of Mind) & everything is so cheap! At the moment there is a sale on, every piercing in the store has been marked down to 19L Because it is the store owners birthday, this sale runs from 11th t0 16th February. Make sure you get in there quick before it runs out! (That’s what she said >.>)

What you see:

Eyes: Visavi – V – Rainbow Explosion Eyes  –  L$0

Skin: Apple May Designs (AMD) Katey – V Day Special  –  L$0 (Limited Time)

Piercings: PoM From Left to Right; <- PoM ->  – Face Piercings – Fluffy, <- PoM ->  – Face Piercings – Robby  –  L$19 (till 16th February.)

Side Notes: The V Day skin will not be there for long, so make sure you go grab it 8D.



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