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Berry’s Blogger Challenge: What i love..

This week’s Blogger challenge is: What I love!
This week’s challenge is blogging about what you love about Second Life. Is it something in your inventory? A person? A feeling? What makes you log back into Second Life everyday?”

Well, this kind of a real life & second life post..


What I Love!

Well, first off, i love my Friends.. random conversations with them while they grow a penis and facial hair


Shirina: omagah I think I like these hairs
Shirina: for a male
Shirina: D:
Hikaru: u still have a penor insl?
Shirina: YES*
Hikaru: ._.
Hikaru Callow rapes harder and pulls out the strap on “I bet mines bigger than yours”
Shirina: XD XD


Shirina: Hey there, little missy.
Shirina: I have a rusy old van outside filled with candy.
Hikaru: oh baby
Shirina: I know you like dat.
Shirina: 8D
Hikaru Callow drools and hops in the van “WHERES MY CANDY?” looking at the old man holding his rusty spork realising theres no candy.. “but but but i wanted candy DX”
Shirina: XD
Shirina: You don’t like my man avatar?!
Hikaru: hes hot, i’d bang him ❤
Shirina: :DDD
Shirina: yay
Shirina Valiant swells with pride!
Hikaru: but i prefer my rina over any prim penis. wait.. swells? ur PENIS BETTER NOT BE ERECT!
Shirina: ROFL
Shirina: ROFL
Shirina: ROFL
Shirina: <333
Hikaru: ❤ ^.^


& I Love the shopping…

Friend: uh oh, she’s shopping again isn’t she?

Me (On Voice): Ya’ know im right here.. That’s what you get when you drag me to a store… *Ka ching noise in the background*

Friend: Ka ching!!

Friend 2: Shhhh, you don’t want to disturb the shopping monster while shes absorbing all the product goodness

Me: Shopping.. :Q___ *1 of many ka ching noises in the background*


And yes, i am that bad. . .


I Love. . . Blogging

I haven’t done it much lately but i do love it, i put it on my “To do” list but i never get around to it!



This has nothing to do with secondlife, but it is in the background on my computer screen!

My friends must be sick of me always talking about this love of mine. . .

But i love my Cat.

He’s my rock in real life, he loves giving hugs (He will actually jump on you and wrap his arms around your neck, its sooo kyooot!), he loves kissing the tip of my nose.. stealing food off my plate while im eating (I dont sit at a dinner table, i sit at my desk, i mean who doesn’t these days?!)..  and he loves curling up next to me while im asleep in bed, just under the covers with his little kitty face stickin out for air.. also lives up to his name, “Mischief”

I have such a strong love for my cat.. even if he will be gone in a few years..

He’s my baby and my partner in crime..

and at this very moment, he is sitting on my lap, curled up in a ball and purring. i must say, he keeps my legs very warm.


So that’s what i love..

Yeah :))




3 responses to “Berry’s Blogger Challenge: What i love..

  1. shirina loves youuu November 25, 2010 at 6:49 AM

    I love you. <3

  2. shirina loves youuu November 25, 2010 at 7:33 AM

    guess what

    Shirina : 7}
    Shirina: …
    Shirina: 8}*
    Hikaru: 8D
    Hikaru: 8F
    Hikaru: 8T
    Shirina: that was hard to type
    Hikaru: 8I
    Shirina: unfortunately
    Hikaru: 8}
    Hikaru: its not hard to type
    Hikaru: D:
    Shirina: it was hard
    Shirina: at the time
    Shirina: like my slmanpenor
    Hikaru: thats what she said
    Shirina: OH WAT
    Shirina: WAT
    Hikaru: HAHAHAHA
    Hikaru: .> no one saw that
    Hikaru: xD
    Shirina: lmfao!


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