Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Ok, so lately iv been more casual, no more dressing up in Second Life and lookin all sexy and stuffs. ironically its halloween and i dont want to dress up! So if your wondering why there are no cute costumes on my blog you now know why, i just dont feel like it! … i especially love this outfit, its very cute.

What i’m wearing:

Skin:   :N:* A urora. 01/02  (L$550) – Novita

Hair:   >TRUTH< Tamina  (L$250) — Truth Hair (Newest hair at Truth on the 28th Oct.)

Top:   \RCS\ Suicide Silence – Angel  (L$75) — \RCS\  (Store is not currently up but the LM will be put up ASAP!)

Pants:   *Linc* Leatherpant Low Cut Plain  (L$200) — *Linc*

Feet:   – V – Shadow Faun / LeatherBound  (L$500) — V i s a v i (Just the feet, will require SOME editing to fit the cuffs that come with the pants)

Tattoos:   -[Plastik]-Burdies And Feathers.  (L$349) – The Plastik.

Finger Tapes:   *Linc* Finger Tapes  (L$1) — *Linc*


Currently listening to:   It Never Ends – Bring Me The Horizon

(The story behind this song that means alot to me: Originally what i heard was, they made this song for their friend, who recently lost her boyfriend, he had killed himself and was taking it very hard.. (Note, the lyrics go: Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, it never ends; it never ends) tis is why it means alot to me cause my first real relationship outside this game ended badly and he ended up commiting suicide, and the lyrics just mean something to me.. their calming and make me feel good. — Thats just what i heard)





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