Are you aware of the crazy people running in the street?

Secondlife.. Fashion.. Music.. Brains (;

Aikea {Owner of The Plastik.} dropped me a huge pack of stuff to blog (: I was about to go to her Mainstore to buy a few things that were just put out, but decided before i left my little home that i would open some stuff and organize my inventory a bit, before i packed it out a bit more. & there it was.. “[Plastik]-Blogger Gift- Halloween 2010” i swear i peed a little D: So here it is!

What miss Hikaru is wearing:

The pack is called: [P]:-LionHeart-Skele-Otherworldly. Comes in 3 Differant makeups and two differant body tattoos that is already on the skin.

In order from the left:

(1) First: :[P]:-LionHeart-Skele-Otherworldly-Bare/Bone

(2) Second: :[P]:-LionHeart-Skele-Otherworldly-Bare/Muscle

(3) Third: :[P]:-LionHeart-Skele-Otherworldly-Evel/Bone

(4) Fourth: :[P]:-LionHeart-Skele-Otherworldly-Evel/Muscle

(5) Fifth: :[P]:-LionHeart-Skele-Otherworldly-Freck/Bone

(6) Sixth: :[P]:-LionHeart-Skele-Otherworldly-Freck/Muscles

Fatpack costs: L$699

Teleport to The Plastik.

More to come… ((:



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